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Monday, September 24, 2007

Retrospective (Part III)!

[the "Dr. Haus is pretty fucking swamped with work for the next few days, but does not wish to lose the 10-50 readers who actually come back for this thing yet" edition]

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Then: "Then explain how he can be fighting old-fashioned pirates with a portable electric system, wrangling velociraptors, and turn frozen shamrocks into makeshift shuriken? This shit isn't scientifically possible!"

Now: It's still pretty damn hilarious, but more in a stupid-funny than smart-funny way. The action scenes are also top-notch.

Otenba Files
Then: In the following chapters, we are introduced to the stereotypical team consisting of the huge dumbass (Koda), the little whiny bitch (Juppy), and the chain-smoking angry badass (Tamka). They fight, they yell at each other, the female members go off and get fucked (either in flashbacks or in current time), and then they do it all over again.

Now: It died. Then came back. Then died again. Still some good ol' sketched out yuri for you folks out that appreciate that sort of thing, but at this point, I've just stopped caring.

The Bastard Swordsman by Dan Glasl
"But the main character is a woman. Wouldn't a more accurate title be 'The Bastard Swordswoman?'...Who else could he be referring to? That guy who bares a resemblance to Shan-Yu from Mulan? That drunk dude who doesn't even have a sword? Or is this another one of those comics where the main character magically had his/her gender switched and doesn't know why?"

Now: There isn't any TG-ism in this comic (thank God). The action scenes have gotten a little better, but TBS still doesn't seem to be rising above anything more than a generic action comic. However, the artwork has improved considerably from previous strips. I'm still waiting for a scene where the protagonist does something other than be useless without that Shan-Yu ripoff possessing her body.

Podunk U

Then: "The Doctor hopes that someone will put this comic to sleep."

Now: It's dead. Trust me, it wasn't worth it anyways.


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