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Monday, September 10, 2007

Retrospective (Part II)!

[a.k.a. the "Dr. Haus is sick (how ironic)" edition]

Clown Samurai by Quinn Fleming
Then: "Utamaro is a clown who hasn't made any kid laugh in three years. One day, he stops for a drink at a bar in Brooklyn after making a kid cry at his birthday party. Somehow, the bar is owned by a prominent mobster, who takes "Maro" in the back of the bar and gives him an offer to join their group. As a clown, he is able to infiltrate the home of another mobster whose daughter is having a birthday party of her own, and shoot him in a fierce firefight."

Now: The comic is still up, but it has stopped updating.

Emergency Exit by NJ Huff
Then: "The comic gets even bigger when you have a girl who wields a "Zapper" (a.k.a. that light gun for the NES classic, Duck Hunt) as a real weapon, a mailman who has a monocole and a pirate hook, a green-haired gamer who can talk to a female cat named Fred."

Now: Updating almost daily now with a much more serious tone than its earlier days. Admittedly, my comparison to early Megatokyo strips might've been a little hyperbolic. Most of the "serious" stuff has come in crossovers with NJ's buddies behind Beyond Reality and Parallel Dementia, and the goal behind the collection of the artifacts has not been made clear yet. Still, EE has become much more interesting since my last words on it.

Neotopia by David Coacci
Then: "Though Neotopia is a bit of a generic name, I'm willing to look past it as Mr. Coacci has built one hell of a strip with a solid foundation (provided you're willing to read some of the background material he wrote up). I just couldn't pass up the sight of seeing an elf in a Sam Fisher-esque suit."

Now: Domain name has changed, and the action sequence has ended and given way to a little more exposition behind the major players in the strip. The artwork is still pretty damn amazing. Also, it actually updates once or twice per week.

The Avatar by James Firkins
Then: "The real kicker of this comic is this fellow, "Sir Godfrey of Boullion." He seems to play the lovable retard of the comic, though it is unknown whether any of the characters really like him or not. Seriously, just try reading multiple strips featuring this character. It made Dr. Haus' brain implode, the sheer random retardedness of Godfrey will cause the same reaction within your own skull."

Now: Back in the day, the comic did have some of the most retarded humor of any webcomic I've ever seen. Nowadays, Mr. Firkins has done a complete 180-degree turn, making his strip into a much darker tale involving a CIA agent after the death of the American President.


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