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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Review #25: "The Ultimate-ish Showdown"

Fo realz, yo!
I can't think of a better caption than that.

Title: Badass Muthas!
Artist: David Ryan
Collective/Studio: None
Genre: Action/Humor
Updates: ...don't ask

"I am not in the mood for this!" I shouted, filling the syringe with liquid from a vial I keep in my drawer for such occasions. "You got a beer bottle? I got a syringe with fucking potassium chloride here!"

"Bah, you're a doctor," the bartender finally stepped into the doorway, "You don't have the fight in you."

"Are you kidding? Do you know the comics I've viewed in the past few days? You wouldn't believe the shit that lurks in the darkest corners of the internet."

"Oh man, you really need to leave your room more. Get yourself a girlfriend. Too bad you won't get that chance." The bartender stared me down for a moment, which I took as an invitation to lunge at him with the syringe filled with potassium chloride. He dodged my attack and launched an uppercut with his broken bottle-holding hand, thrusting the shards right in my chest.

"You should've tipped me," he smiled, wrenching the broken bottle out of my chest only to see my bleeding body transform into a green leaf. He didn't know that I had acquired this new power after reading a new comic.

As I prepared to thrust my syringe full of potassium chloride into his neck, he would never know where I found it.

Badass Muthas! The story of a greenish fox-ninja thing named Guy McFly (because Speedy McNee was taken, I guess) and some blue guy called Ralph who can kameameha (did I spell that right? I really don't care) a demonic thing that's three stories tall.

Any attempt to explain the plot or setting after that will just cause severe convulsions within the reader. I'm guessing that us mere mortals are not worthy of knowing what the hell is going on. Something about how Ralph and Guy McFly (ugh) are conning people out of their money, and then get hunted down by some special forces guys, and then the fox ninja person gets injected with green fluid in his head only to escape the hospital.

Apparently, they live in a world that somehow combines sentient robots, swords, rocket launchers, very tall demons, religion, and shit like that. The heroes are apparently too cool to be facing any actual hardship or weakness other than lukewarm dialogue. Guy McFly hates authority and apparently can always escape death through ninjitsu or some inexplicable shit like that, while Ralph calls out the names of his attacks before he says them like a reject from Dragonball Z.

Sadly, it seems all the plot in the comic at the moment could be squeezed into a thimble.

The artwork has its own little charm, I suppose. It does have a way of standing out from the glut of generic manga-style that seems to permeate a good portion of the webcomic-o-sphere. But as unique as the art is, it doesn't mask the fact that this comic has little substance underneath aside from a few spectacular fight sequences.

So in the end, read it if you like fight sequences, just don't expect much in the way of plot. Then again, that approach hasn't exactly hurt Ninja Spirit.

EDIT (10:35 PM): The original conclusion was determined by the Doctor to be "not funny." A better one will appear shortly.


  • Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    By Blogger mrdaveryan, at 3:58 PM  

  • Oh "mrdaveryan," you must spend all day coming up with such witty banter. Truly I am bewildered as to how I should respond to such a comment.

    By Blogger Dr. Haus, at 10:48 PM  

  • HEy... his comic is pretty "badass" if you ask me.. and the other thousands of people that read it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:43 PM  

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