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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Review #9: While We're Talking About Ninjas...

Title: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Artist: Chris Hastings (with inking done by Kent Archer)
Collective: None Now with Dayfree Press
Genre: Comedy/Action
Updates: Mon-Wed-Fri

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

"Oh great, another fucking ninja comic! Lemme guess, is this the one where a bunch of kids get together to save the world from the slowly escalating power of evil over the course of several enlightening adventures?"


Hold on, a manga about some douche wanting to avenge his former master who got killed cuz he's a pussy?

"No. And you're thinking of Frank Miller's Ronin."

"So what's original about this strip?"

"He's a doctor. He knows science."

"Oh really? Then explain how he can be fighting old-fashioned pirates with a portable electric system, wrangling velociraptors, and turn frozen shamrocks into makeshift shuriken? This shit isn't scientifically possible!"

"Michael Crichton would say otherwise."

"The same guy who created State of Fear, a fictional book that Republican politicians cite as proof that global warming is bullshit despite several years worth of research by actual scientists?"

"I didn't say he was right, I just said he'd disagree with you."

"Whatever. Why is this dude named Dr. McNinja anyways?"

"Chris claims that he used the character in some forum battle over on the Something Awful forums, and he somehow transplanted the idea over its own comic."

"Okay, you've got 30 seconds to show me what's original in this comic."

"You just said it a moment ago."


"It has a ninja doctor who fights pirates, velociraptors, Paul Bunyan, stereotypical Mexicans, and plenty of more crazy characters like that."

"Fuck that! I can just read Plotless Violence! Screw you, Doctor Haus!"

(insert door-slamming sound)

"Hey! You forgot your Viagra perscription!"

Art: 4/5 (Nice inking, but the backgrounds are a tad inconsistent)
Story: 3/5 (Well, the story of Dr. McNinja being a descendant of Irish ninjas is a bit hokey, even if it is funny. Oh, and if you haven't read the comic yet, don't read that last sentence)
Humor: 3.5/5 (Pretty good, but some of the jokes are predictible [i.e. the "Ninja vs. Pirate arc])
Action: 4/5 (Whether he's throwing a clipboard at a Mexican on a raptor or slicing a pirate in the shoulder with a frozen shamrock, the action looks pretty sweet.)
Characters: 2/5 (Outside of the McNinja family, most of the characters are little more than fodder)
Overall (not an average): 7/10
Evil Stuff: Plenty of cartoon violence and blood.
Final Thoughts: Initially, it's one of the funniest comics on the Internet. However, the humor slows down a little as you progress through the strips. Still, this comic is bookmark-worthy.


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