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Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Where Are They Now?" #1: Guns, Swords, and old-school stabbing.

As a special edition to The Webcomic Watchman, I've decided to also showcase a webcomic that I thought was very awesome, yet has disappeared. Unless I can think of a better title, I'm calling this the "Where Are They Now?" review section.

Ninjastyle strip #9

Today, we look at one that might've been, yet never truly was. It was called Ninjastyle, drawn by Jet Paine (likely a psuedonym, though I never really bothered to ask). With the 20 strips it had, it featured a very detailed, late-1800's Japan where a cowboy from Texas (you know, that place in the USA) had come to meet with someone for a reason that would be revealed later. The cowboy gets attacked by ninjas with masks, and then saved by not-evil ninjas. Then the story switched to a day of training that went awry as one of the trainees had an attack of conscience and helped free a prisoner only to find out she was decieved. That's kinda where it ended. The comic had a nice Samurai Champloo feel to it, and I really wanted to see more, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Happy Mercenary Co.

Jet decided to focus more on his one-shot gag strip that he called The Happy Mercenary Co. It featured references to life, movies, and whatever else popped up at the time. The last strip I think he made for this one was a comment about that crappy horror movie, The Cave. After that, he simply disappeared, and the domain followed soon after.

Where is Jet now? We may never know, but hopefully he'll come back and continue his amazing artwork for Ninjastyle one day...

UPDATE: I just checked out the above URL for the hell of it, and the site seems to be back up! Perhaps Jet is planning to make a comeback? Further news as bulletins warrant...

UPDATE #2: I haven't seen any action in awhile. If I can dig up this guy's E-Mail, maybe I'll have a more definitive answer.


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