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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Review #12: Podonk-adonk

(Not to be confused with badonkadonk)

Title: Podunk U
Artist: Bob Quaintance
Collective: DrunkDuck
Genre: Comedy/School
Updates: Unknown

The good Dr. Haus has learned a valuable lesson: When you offer to review someone's comic by request, there's always someone out there who will take you up on that offer. So I finally decided to get around to this comic.

When you first look at the comic, you might take note of the touches of MS Paint in the artwork. Excuse me, when I said "touches," I meant to say, "just about everything." I felt a big urge to hit the X button in the upper-right-hand corner of my screen upon seeing such woefully-generated art, but as a doctor, and a person who decided to review the comics whether I like them or not, I pressed on.

Perhaps there is something to be found in the story? Well, a guy goes to college...and that's about how far it's gone. Granted, it hasn't even hit 40 strips yet (as of 7/1/06), but there's been little character development. Yeah, we have the insane dude, Charlie, with his own short sword (affectionately referred to as "Old Stabby"). Oh, and there's one kid who seems compelled to speak in l33t. Look, this may have been funny back when Megatokyo was new, but now, it's just freakin' annoying.

As for the rest of the humor, he seems to hit most of the usual suspects: Star Wars nerds, drunkenness, video games, Dragonball Z...c'mon, we've heard this shit before. You can't tell me there's a way to introduce some freakin' originality into your script? I'll admit, there was one strip that did make me laugh, if only because I once dabbled in the supermarket business. The good Doctor is into both stupid and intellectual humor, but this comic doesn't quite fall into either category, nor does it try to distinguish itself.

Art: 1.5/5 (Barely better than a sprite comic)
Story: 1/5 (Guy goes to college...and that's it. Doesn't bother to talk about the college, what the main character wants to do in college...this could've been set in an apartment in Brooklyn and nothing would've changed)
Humor: 2/5 (You've probably heard most of the jokes by now)
Action: 1/5 (A little, mostly involving Charlie killing someone)
Characters: 1.5/5 (Outside of the usual stereotypes, there's not much unique about these people)
Overall (not an average): 2/10
Evil Stuff: Mild cartoon violence.
Final Thoughts: Beats out The Avatar for Worst Comic I've Reviewed (so far), but at least The Avatar's been getting better recently. The Doctor hopes that someone will put this comic to sleep.


  • Thanks for reviewing my comic. It definately put some things into perspective. I'll work on improving it and maybe you can review it again in the distant future.

    By Anonymous Bob, at 7:22 PM  

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