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Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Where Are They Now?" #2: Evil Juxtaposed Quite Eternally

Today, we take a look at another fallen webcomic that may yet rise again. No, it ain't RPG World. Don't bother asking me that.

The comic we shall explore today was entitled Eternal Juxtaposition, the creation of Kevin Wadlow and J.L. Brown. It was an interesting comic set in a fantasy world with elves, bog monsters, magic, dark forests, what-have-you. The main hook of the story was a boy who would transform into some sort of blue furry demon named Eferii at night. The main character of the story, Eferii seemed to have practically no morals at all, even in his human form.

One quite humorous episode appears near the beginning of the story, where a muscular, shirtless man walks into a bar, ranting about how some evildoer destroyed his village, and how he vowed to stick multiple knives in the person's back for each person killed. Eferii then mutters to a woman (and, possibly, the reader) about how heroes these days are a bunch of muscular idiots, spouting catch-phrases, announcing their presence without thought as to who might be around. And in the next scene, the hero is shown with every single knife he carried planted into his back.

If my description is faulty, it's because I'm drawing largely from memory. The website ( has since gone under. I remember one scene where Eferii ends up travelling with a female companion with an emblem on her forehead, and the corpse of some royal elven guard that Eferii revives halfway through the story, not to mention one off-screen tentacle raping scene.

The main problem with the story was in the pacing. The characters spent more time than they should've going through one forest, eventually stopping at a village, and then ending up back inside the forest. At times, it seems that Brown & Wadlow skipped a few scenes because they were running out of ideas for transitions or where to put the characters next. The creators had a small fight with each other that spilled out onto the main page at one point. And then, the comic just...stopped. They might bring it back, or they might not. Let's hope it does.


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