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Saturday, July 01, 2006

If anyone feels like dropping a comment here, I enabled it so anyone can post.

Apparently, the greatful NJ Huff, creator of Emergency Exit, has seen fit to give the doctor a "shout-out" after witnessing my review of her work from back in March. Thanks a lot, NJ. Now people will be expecting the great Dr. Haus to keep this thing updated.

But as it is summer, and I have found a paying job for the moment, I might just be able to do a little better in terms of keeping reviews on time. Stay tuned.

Do keep in mind that I am accepting requests. Simply drop me a line, and I'll get to it if I have the time. I just ask that you have at least 30 strips in your archive and that the comic in question not be a sprite comic without a damn good reason.


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