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Friday, November 10, 2006


First of all, Dr. Haus would like to thank a certain Bean (of the non-"Mexican Jumping" variety) for displaying his alter-ego in a recent comic of his making, called Parallel Dementia. Just look in the background of the first panel. On the other hand, Bean, don't think the Doctor is going to show you any mercy for your "contribution" should your comic be featured on this site!

Now that that's out of the way, the Doctor has been tied down for the past month or so (with the exception of the post below) with everything from quizzes to medical problems to a half-assed attempt at NaNoWriMo that looks like it may fall short of the goal, and thus has had little time to post on this or any blog. However, I have recieved a couple of requests, and, time permitting, both of you still reading this will finally see a real update.

Now if you'll excuse me, The Doctor must finish a certain assignment. Shalom, y'all.


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