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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Review #17: "Your next storyline will involve a Civil War, amirite?"*

Lex Luthor called, he wants his suit back, and his cheesy one-liners.

Title: Bad Guy High
Artist: "RedDeath" (possibly Dan something?)
Collective: DrunkDuck
Genre: Action/Comedy/Fancomic(?)
Updates: Biweekly

I imagine that the creator of Bad Guy High originally wanted his comic to be a lighthearted look at "the other side" of the superhero comic genre, the evil people. But about halfway through the comic, it seems the humor just died inside him.

Now, I can understand how some artists eventually get tired of doing joke-a-day strips and want to form a more coherent storyline, like Dominic Deegan. However, one thing that Michael "Mookie" Terracciano has that our current subject does not is original material. For example, when the majority of your comic's humor revolves around simple reference gags like this (Ha, he's like Superman but he isn't!), this (Ha, he's like the Silver Surfer but he isn't!), this (Ha, he's like He-Man but he isn't!) or this (does DC know about this comic?), it's a sign that you've stopped caring about making anything original and instead you've decided to pass off the Cliff's Notes of old famous comic storylines as your own work.

I will praise the fact you can draw reasonably well, and with more of a Western style than the multitude of comics ripped from a "How to Draw Manga for Idiots" guide. But of all the humor and story possibilities you could've had with "bad guys" as main characters, you just turn them into carbon copies of characters from actual cartoons with the occasional forced fights with the "heroes" of your story just to remind your readers and perhaps yourself, "oh, right, that dude's evil!" It just looks like someone's fan-fiction grew a little too fast.

Look, if you want to draw for DC Comics, send them a few strips and maybe they'll accept you. But don't spit on my cupcake and tell me it's your special frosting, becuase in the end, it's still just spit.

Lazy-Ass Summary
Art: 3.5/5
Pretty good western-style artwork, aside from a few small anatomical issues.
Story: 2/5 I think there was one, but then it got lost in the second-rate fanfiction.
Humor: 2/5 See above
Action: 4/5 Actually, there are some pretty good action sequences
Characters: 1.5/5 I can't find that many that aren't cribbing from some other famous character. I mean, your second-main character is a fucking rip-off of Superman, with little comedic twist other than "Ha, he's like Superman but he isn't!"
Overall (not an average): 4/10
Evil Stuff: Plenty of cartoon violence, some blood and occasional dark themes (but chances are you won't care).
Final Thoughts: The Doctor reccommends that you (both the artist and the poor schmuck reading this) take a look at The Last Days of FOXHOUND. This is how a fancomic is done right, despite the poor artwork. BGH, on the other hand, is an example of an out-of-control fancomic that deserves to be taken down a few pegs...with a mallet.

*(Alternate Title: "Bad Guy High? More like Bad Gay High, amirite?")**
**If you don't get this joke, you need to read Mitch Clem's Nothing Nice To Say. Now.


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