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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A summary of webcomic drama that no one could give two shits about:

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all.

Apparently, there's a big hubbub about some outfit named Platinum Studios buying DrunkDuck, spiffing up the website, and releasing it as DrunkDuck 2.0! Now with only 70% of the crappy, unimaginative sprite comics that existed before and 25% more crappy, unimaginative actual stories! Apparently, they plan to give a few artists some stipend for doing good comic work, including the oft-rebellious D.J. Coffman and the team of people behind some new comic called Cowboys and Aliens. The only one I recognize is a writer named Fred Van Lente for his work on The Silencers and Action Philosophers!

In any case, professional webcomic dude/asshole Scott Kurtz and his professional groupie Kristopher Straub got their respective panties in a wad and started screeching at DJ Coffman and anyone else who cares about the integrity of webcomicry...seriously, was Scott McCloud's phone busy? Must've been, because he's the only other guy I can think of who would care.

In this case, I believe in the free market principle: If you think it's a good business model, then go take your shit to Platinum and ask for a paycheck. If you don't, then keep going with your own method of selling your webcomics or webcomic-related material. Lord knows Kurtz could find outlets for his shit long before anyone even heard of Platinum Studios.

With luck, I will finish my review of a comic that deserves a kick in the ass within the next week. Here's a hint: It's a "popular" comic even before DrunkDuck had a "two-point-oh" where the comedy relies purely on references to DC/Marvel characters.


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