The Webcomic Watchman

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CT Review #6: Happiness is a Warm Gun

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot.

In completely unrelated news, Dr. Haus is now really fucking busy with life. Sporadic updates will now include 90% less self-loathing and whiny filler, leaving this blog with about the same amount of content as the amount of edible lettuce in a McDonalds salad until further notice.

Then again, that's the awesome thing about most webcomics and webcomic review sites: If you have a broadband connection, all it takes to check for updates is a few seconds of your life (even faster if you have one of those newfangled "Live Bookmarks"). So I am not closing down this blog and moving all operations to Comixtalk, but for the moment, I'm rarely going to update this thing unless the mood just happens to smack me when I'm not working.