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Monday, November 05, 2007

CT Review: The Gaming Addiction of Slackerz

My review for ComixTalk is now up. You can view it by clicking here. This particular one examines Slackerz and mostly focuses on the writing therein.

While writing said review, it has occurred to me that sometimes my little narratives receive more emphasis than the actual review. Perhaps I should take steps to rectify that situation. This is why I tried a sorta hybrid of my satire and my serious writing in my piece for CT.

Another Webcomic Watch-exclusive (Ha! As if that means anything!) review might be coming within the next 48 hours if my head stops hurting.

Until then, here, have a belated Halloween treat (kinda NSFW). Or you can re-read my Medicating of the Dead mini-series of reviews. Yeah, it's cheap, but it'll last longer than that tiny box of Milk Duds and bite-size Snickers bar you swiped from your little brother's candy stash.


  • Ello. I admit I'm still a bit skeptic about how you use skits to convey your points, but on this one it was rather fun to read. Good job.

    By Anonymous Jason, at 8:11 PM  

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