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Monday, February 04, 2008

CT Review #3: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition (updated)

I review Marilith here.

More commentary to come later when I've had coffee, except to say that I may or may not get some more knee-jerk reactions from this piece. Of course, that assumes that I haven't driven off most of my readers already by not updating.


[UPDATE] Okay, it seems that someone spiked my coffee or somehow ripped out the caffiene from it, as I couldn't get back to this thing for a few days. I blame my evil arch-nemesis.

I don't have much else to say, other than the fact that some folks seem to think that just because I say bad things about a comic means I hate it. If I hate a comic, you will know in blunt terms that I hate it. But even for comics I like, I'd be abandoning my duties if I didn't mock the parts of a comic that deserve to be mocked, or point out the flaws that need fixing.

If I may use a popular example, just look at most of Yahtzee's game reviews: he doesn't hate every game, but he does hate on the parts where he feels that the developers drop the ball and where they deserve it, and he does it in a rather hilarious manner. I may not have the British charm to pull off the phrase "stonking great tits" in a review without sounding like a total "wanker," but I do try to lighten up what would otherwise be just another blog with some dude shouting into the void that is the world of webcomics (unofficially known as the "webcomic-o-sphere," except it doesn't quite roll off the tongue).

That is all. Now let me get back to my coffee.


[UPDATE 2]: Wow, three days after this review was published, Krazy Krow is handing off artistry duties to a fourth artist. Where does he keep finding these relatively talented people to draw his comic, and where can I get them?


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